There's two sides to what we as photographers do, the magic and the money. 

The magic consists of all the reasons we got into this in the first place. The light during golden hour, the first perfectly composed frame of a bride laughing into the groom's chest, the landscape photos that give the story context. 

And then the money. How this magic pays our mortgage. 

My job in this business is to marry those together. 

My one on one workshop is tailored to meet you where you're at and take you to the next level, together.

I love delving into: the art of film including metering, film stocks and working with your lab, client interactions and directing your couples, lighting and locations, post processing, pricing for your target market, styling and direction, marketing and branding.

We tie it all together with a styled editorial, catered to an area or style you'd like to invest more into. 

I offer these intimate workshops 5 times per year, please email me for availability and more information.