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i’ve been thinking a lot about how I should be using my Instagram account. as much as it’s fun, i wanted to have some intention with it. it’s definitely an extension of my business, but also a personal outlet for me to share parts of my life, ones that I don’t share too often. so i’ve decided to start a new project that will be shared mainly on instagram, a colour project of sorts.

i updated my instagram with a collection of 4 images from my travels, saying i was contemplating starting a travel series on my site. which i definitely think i will be doing, so be watching for that. but when i started playing around with images in my iPhone picframe app, i started organizing them by colour. and i loved the results. i was pulling images from different places and different mediums and watching them come together in some sort of colour coded goodness.

so i’ve decided to start it out here by letting people know about it on this site here, but majority of these collections will take place on my instagram.

i’d also love to hear if anyone is doing something similar with their instagram?

as much as i love film and authenticity, i can’t ignore that the age of instagram is here. along with it’s perks :)

[these four images were taken at various towns and villages in Bangladesh, on iPhone, 5d mark ii (digital) and canon 1v (film)]

i don’t quite know what this project will evolve into, but i’m excited to let it happen :)

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